Gentle Spirit Dog Training

Creating Lifelong Friendships Through Mutual Understanding and Respect




Gentle Spirit Dog Training offers private sessions in the convenience of your own home.  Kate will come to you!  Each session is personally customized for you and your dog. Whether you have a new puppy or older dog, she will show you how to train and reinforce skills and how to shape confident, cooperative behavior.  The methods used are reward-based and do not include outdated techniques that use force or intimidation. Classes may be scheduled as single sessions or as complete training programs.

Kate offers two approaches to training your dog: Family Coaching and Take and Train.


Family Coaching: Kate will teach you to train your dog.  You'll meet once a week and she’ll coach you through the training process. Each week builds on the previous week.  This program is designed for families who enjoy learning the training process and techniques.


Take and Train: Kate will teach your dog the skills for you. You don't even need to be home!  She’ll establish a schedule to train your dog and incorporate you into the program so that you can enjoy his or her newly acquired skills.  This program is for people who would prefer not to do the training themselves, or have schedules that make it difficult to commit to the time needed.  This training approach often yields faster results than with Family Coaching, as Kate can visit several times a week and teach new skills quickly, without intruding on the family's schedule. This is a great way to get your dog started. You'll need to participate in "transfer sessions" to make sure that your dog is getting clear instruction and consistent practice.

Take and Train is not a boarding service. It's for teaching your dog basic skills, or working on a specific behavior concern - leash reactivity, for example - in your home or neighborhood. 


Whether you choose Family Coaching or Take and Train, or a combination of both, the programs are designed with your training and behavior goals in mind. You don’t have to commit to a specific number of sessions. You and Kate will work together to design a program that will be effective for you, your family and your dog.