Gentle Spirit Dog Training

Creating Lifelong Friendships Through Mutual Understanding and Respect

Puppy Kindergarten

This course is for puppies up to 5 months old and concentrates on problem prevention and on building confidence, mutual trust and respect.  The importance of puppy socialization – properly exposing your puppy to as many new experiences as possible – is emphasized.  During the six sessions you will learn how to teach your puppy leash manners, proper greeting behavior, and to respond to the words sit, down, stand, come, wait, enough, leave it and off.  You will also learn how to handle house training challenges, teething, and how to deal with normal but often frustrating puppy behaviors such as play biting, destructive chewing and jumping up to greet.  Ground rules established early in a pup’s life will prevent behavior problems from starting and will result in a cooperative, well-mannered adult dog.  You’ll both enjoy the learning process!